Cheesefarm & Clog Factory

Welcome at The Rembrandt Hoeve, a traditional Cheesefarm & Clog factory.


At the Rembrandthoeve the famous Dutch Gouda cheese is made the traditional way. Tasting this wonderful cheese from farmer Roel is part of the visit.

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Clog factory

The wooden shoe making method is just as traditional; farmer Roel cut the old-Dutch wooden shoes from a rough block of wood. Just try on a pair of wooden shoes and maybe you are the lucky one that really can walk with those shoes on, just give it a try!.

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Opening times

Open: Monday through Sunday from 8.00 hours to 18.00 hours.
Guided tours: for groups throughout the day.
Entrance: free of charge.

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Amsteldijk Noord 127
NL – 1183 TJ Amstelveen
Tel : +31 (0) 20 - 643 13 23

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